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January 26, 2020 2 min read

Shabby Chic Hanging Hearts

The shabby chic hanging heart has become a staple accessory across all homes! Even if your home doesn’t have a shabby chic style, it is bound to have a beautiful hanging heart somewhere! 

What makes these hanging accessories so popular? There is an incredible amount of variety of hanging hearts out there! They come in all different sizes, styles and colours!
There are your classic wooden shabby chic hanging hearts which has a distressed finish in every imaginable colour to suit your needs, there are wooden hearts which have a funny slogan on the front or a heartfelt message for a loved one! Besides the classic wooden hearts, there are metal hanging hearts with beautifully intricate patterns and detailing!
There is also a hanging heart for every season! Easter with a cute little rabbit included or Christmas or a beautiful gift for a friend’s birthday!
This is what makes the shabby chic hanging hearts so popular is whatever your need, there will be one out there for you!
Here is our Top 3 Shabby Chic Hanging hearts from our KC Cottage Collection:

1. Metal Floral Heart Cluster!
One of my personal favourite styles & a popular style with our customers is a cluster of hearts. Each heart in these clusters is at a different length so when hung up create a beautiful cascade of hearts! Shop Here

2. Thank You For Being You
This hanging heart is built to stand the test of time! Metal Hanging Heart which reads Thank you for being you across the front makes for a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one! A constant reminder of how amazing they are! Shop Here
Metal Hanging Heart Thank You For Being You

3. Home is Where the Heart Is Wooden Hanging Heart
A classic, the wooden hanging heart with a lovely saying printed across the front! What makes this heart so special is the double layer, one heart placed on top of another! Shop this favourite Here

Home is Where the Heart Is Shabby Chic Hanging Heart


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