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December 29, 2019 3 min read


5 Ways You Can Embrace Hygge

Christmas is over & its time to get our homes back to some sort of normality. The decorations are down and our homes are feeling a little empty. Even though its already been cold for months, winter has only just really started! We feel stuck indoors and due to the cold weather we mostly are! We need to ensure that we can relax, find comfort and solace in our homes over the winter months so we can hibernate happy. This is where the Danish way of living Hygge comes in!

So what is Hygge? Hygge is a Norwegian and Danish word for a mood of cosiness and comfortable pleasantness with feelings of wellness and contentment. Hygge isn’t an object, it isn’t something you can buy. It’s a feeling, it’s a feeling of pure comfort & content without anything making you feel stressed, worried or unhappy. Imagine that feeling. It is more important over the winter months when our mood is low already.

1. Soft Lighting

2. Cosy Furnishings

3. Warmth

4. Clothing

5. Turning Off   

Here are my top 5 tips for embracing the hygge way of life this winter!


  1. Soft lighting

Create a soft and relaxing mood in your home with candles, and plenty of them!
When you think of hygge you think of candles and its for a good reason. Lighting candles, sitting back and relaxing to a lovely warm glow can help ease the stresses from the day!
We personally love tea lights that cast a silhouette, here are a couple favourites for our store, click on the image to check them out:


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  1. Cosy furnishings

Spending time indoors over the cold month we need to make sure that our home feels like a safe and relaxing space! Add extra accessories such as throws, cushions to your favourite sofa so you can get all cosy on these cold nights and feel totally relaxed!


  1. Warmth

Over the winter months, not only are the days dark, but the weather is so very cold! There is nothing relaxing about being sat in a cold house or a cold bedroom. Now I’m not encouraging you to over spend on your heating bill, but the space you’re relaxing in does need to be warm and cosy! If you have a fire place – light it!
Keep your heating at a comfortable level, don’t be shivering under your blanket!
Enjoy a lovely warming cup of Hot Chocolate in on of our Hot Chocolate Mugs, don't forget the marshmallows! 


  1. Clothing

Think warm and comfortable clothes! Your favourite lounging trousers, a favourite jumper, or the new house coat! It needs to be something that makes you feel comfortable and happy!  


  1. Turn Off

This one I love & its something we should do once in a while anyway! We are glued to our phones and yes they do bring us happiness. We keep in touch with friends and family and use them to relax but its good for us to turn off! This can be for a few hours on a chosen day to give yourself time to read, write out your plans for the coming months or just escape from the digital world!
Heres a beautiful Butterfly Notepad to get your started with your plans: