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January 18, 2019 3 min read

Shabby Chic Tray

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So a little bit of a story from us here at KC Cottage about how we’ve become famous for our Wooden Heart Trays & I’m (Suzi) kind of known as the Heart Tray Lady (which I love by the way!)

 Our little business was born out of love of beautiful home accessories and my desire to help and inspire others when creating their Home Sweet Home! One of the first products that I started to stock was The Wooden Heart Trays, they are a beautiful neutral shade of light brown with a lime wash finish to make them perfect for most homes but especially for shabby chic or country style!

One week when doing the pictures of the beautiful shabby chic tray I decided to add some other accessories to show how versatile they could be & that sat empty on your side board at home doesn’t do these beautiful trays justice! So this soon became my ‘thing’ each week I dress these wooden trays differently to help inspire my wonderful customers with ideas on how they can dress their own trays that they have purchased from me.  The demand for these beautiful trays grows and grows each week and I was getting more demand for creating sets out of the trays I was creating each week, this is a great way to buy the tray as a set & you’re making a saving too! I change up the sets seasonally too so they will also be looking fresh and on-trend in your home, so it’s a great product that you can buy once and will last for years to come!


So how can you create your own beautiful display at home (I get this question a lot from my lovely customers asking for help with dressing their new lovely accessory) I promise this is super easy! Please see some inspiration pictures below of some of my favourite shabby chic tray displays that have created over the years (yes years) there is a lot to choose from as I create a different look each week….!


Firstly though, you need our beautiful heart trays, please keep in mind that as the pictures below have been taken over the course of two years some of the additional accessories may not be stocked anymore.


Next you need the additional accessories which you can either purchase from us or you may have accessories at home waiting to be in pride of place and shown off!

Wooden Shabby Chic Tray

I personally like to display these trays with either one or two statement pieces, so a medium size jug or vase filled with beautiful flowers, a single candle stick or a lantern style candle holder – if you’re worried about flames use flameless candles.

 Shabby Chic Tray

The final accessory depends of the size tray your using and your desired look. The third item which usually goes at the front should be a smaller item, this could be a trinket box if your tray is in your bedroom, or a shabby chic mug if your displaying your shabby chic tray in the kitchen, a pretty photo frame for the living room, the list goes on!

Shabby Chic Tray


I really hope this has helped to inspire you if you already own or are thinking about creating your own heart tray display at home, if you have already done this I’d love to see what you did & if you have any questions please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

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