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August 10, 2022 1 min read

Gonks, Gonks and more Gonks!

We are just as in love with Gonks here at KC Cottage as you are, but where have these lovely Gonks come from?

These adorable little Gnomes started in Scandinavia, from what I've learnt about them, they were born at a time when farms were extremely isolated, the people would imagine the gonks so they didn't feel lonely over the very long winters. This is very sweet!

The gonks have a very distinctive look to them. A point hat, a long beard & you can just see their little cheeky nose! There are now version with long pigtail hair and no beards. 

Here at KC Cottage we starting stocking gnomes as part of our Christmas range in 2019, here are in 2022 & they are more popular than ever! 

You used to find the gonks in their original Scandi colours of light blues, browns and red, but over the years as they have become more popular you can find them in any colour you want! 

Nordic Gonk


What I love is even though the Gonks started here in the UK as a specific Christmas decoration we now have Gonks for all the seasons! My favourite is of course the Bee Gonks! 

Ceramic Gonk Ornament


We now also have adorable Gonks for Halloween 

Halloween Shelf Sitting Gonk


So keeping checking our websitethrough each different season and you will be sure to find a Gonk that is perfect for the occasion!